Trevor edward Brown


Priest / Missionary


12th July


Agnes Brown (mother)
Redser Brown (father)




Mark Brown

Rory Brown

Cathy Brown

Dermot Brown

Simon Brown


Harold Brown


Bono Brown

John Brown

George Brown

Ringo Brown

Other family:

Maria Brown


Betty Brown


Dino Doyle


Played by:

Martin Delaney

First appearance:

Mammy's Ass

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Father Trevor Brown is the son of Agnes Brown. He has spent most of the series on the missions. He is kind, charitable and loving. He returns from the missions a few days before Christmas during the episode Mammy's Ass. He also appears in the first two episodes in the second series before going to South Sudan. Trevor returns for the 2012 Christmas specials and the third season finale Mammy Swings! for Rory and Dino's wedding. He also appeared in the 2013 New Years special, Who's a Pretty Mammy?.

When he was a child, Trevor wrote a letter to Santa Claus asking him not to bring him anything, but to give his present to a poor child with no toys.

Although he is absent from the first season, Trevor is mentioned in three episodes, the first being Mammy's Secret where both his mother and sister Cathy mention that he is on the missions. He is next mentioned in Mammy of the Groom; when Agnes is trying to figure out which one of her children is gay, she rules Trevor out as he has taken a vow of celibacy. Trevor is again mentioned in Mammy's Miracle when Agnes explains to the audience how it was Father Quinn who helped Trevor when he first wanted to go on the missions while showing them a framed photograph of Trevor, and mentions that he is presently in Africa.


Trevor is a tall slim man with short black hair and thin framed glasses.  He is often seen wearing a black shirt with a clerical collar.


Trevor was originally played by actor Michael Anthony Byrne who subsequently also played Rory Brown also, In real life he is Martin Delaney, Brendan O'Carroll's son-in-law. He is the husband of Fiona O'Carroll; they are happily married and have two children which are called Felix and Eli Delany.

Original seriesEdit

In the original tv series, Trevor was played by Paddy Houlihan. In the two-part story, The Last Wedding, Trevor was engaged to Maria. However, with weeks to go till their wedding, Trevor had other things on his mind; he was more concerned with the vast number of people in the world who were starving to death. Trevor eventually revealed to the parish priest he had applied to go to Rwanda as a volunteer missionary. When his application was accepted, Trevor ended his engagement to Maria, who instead married Trevor's brother, Dermot.

After The Last Wedding, Trevor was written out of the series with Paddy Houlihan being recast as Dermot Brown.

Episode appearancesEdit

To date, Trevor has appeared in a total of eight episodes. These are:

1. Mammy's Ass (no dialogue)

2. Mammy Pulls it Off

3. Mammy's Coming

4. Mammy Christmas

5. The Virgin Mammy

6. Mammy Swings!

7. Who's a Pretty Mammy?

8. Mammy's Tickled Pink