Sinbad Nicholson is the husband of Hilary, the father of Maria Brown, the father-in-law of Dermot Brown and a character in the original series of Mrs. Brown's Boys.

He is also the owner of two black labradors, one of which is called Pegasus.

He was portrayed by Brendan Kealy.

Mrs Brown's Boys' Original SeriesEdit

The Last Wedding Part 1Edit

Sinbad is seen trying to encourage his dogs to mate, before a courier arrives with wedding invitations for Maria's wedding to Trevor Brown.

He later goes to the vets with his male dog Pegasus to see if the vet will be able to help encourage Pegasus to mate. The vet gives the dog an injection before telling Sinbad if that doesn't work in 24 hours, Pegasus will be given viagra.

Later, a drunk Cathy (who was out partying with Maria, Sharon McGoogan and Betty) prank calls Sinbad by pretending to be from the vets and tells him that Pegasus needs to be given viagra. She says that in order to decide how much is needed, Sinbad must bring to the vets, a sample of Pegasus' semen. Sinbad falls for this call and prepares to take a sample.