Simon Brown


Senior Porter




Agnes Brown


Redser Brown


Mark Brown

Rory Brown

Cathy Brown

Dermot Brown

Trevor Brown


Harold Brown


Portrayed by:

Danny O'Carroll

First appearance:

The Last Wedding, Part 1

Last appearance:

The Last Wedding, Part 2

Simon Brown is the 5th child of  [Agnes Brown] and brother of Mark Brown, Rory Brown,Cathy Brown, Dermot Brown and Trevor Brown.

He is unseen and his name unmentioned from series 1-3, but he was in the first 2 series of the original Mrs Brown's Boys that was shown in 2006. Simon speaks with a stammer and has a hearing aid in his right ear. He works in a hospital and was promoted to Senior Porter.

Agnes Brown, his mother, has often said she has "5 sons and a child" but no one has ever known who the 5th son was. For some reason, Mrs. Brown never mentioned his name.

In the current series, he is replaced by Buster Brady, who both Simon and Buster are portrayed by Danny O'Carrol.


  • In the episode Mammy's Break, the Simon was actually called 'Liam'.
  • Simon is 28, however in the first episode of the original series, Danny O'Carroll was only 18

Original series Edit

1. Mammy's Secret Edit

2. Super Mammy Edit

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