Sharon McGoogan


Sharon McGoogan


Mother: Winnie McGoogan Father: Jacko McGoogan


Foley's Pub worker

Portrayed by

Marion O'Dwyer (original series, unaired pilot)

Fiona Gibney

First Appearance

Mammy Pulls it Off

Sharon McGoogan is the daughter of Winnie McGoogan and lives next door to Agnes. She is a longtime friend of Cathy Brown.

Original seriesEdit

Marion o'dwyer mrs browns boys

Marion O'Dwyer as Sharon McGoogan

In the original series, Sharon was played by Marion O'Dwyer (whose credits include the TV series Ballykissangel and the film Agnes Browne with Anjelica Huston). O'Dwyer also played Sharon original version of The Mammy, entitled Dermot's Dilemma (she was featured in the absence of Betty Brown).

In The Last Wedding, it was showed that she fancied Dermot Brown

At Dermot and Maria's wedding, Sharon was shown crying and saying "It should've been me!".

Later on in the series, Sharon became romantically involved with a man named Cornelius (Martin Delany) whom she eventually married.

BBC SeriesEdit

Sharon does not appear in the first season. She appears as a background character in Mammy's Ass before making her first proper appearance in Mammy Pulls it Off. Sharon is seen working mostly behind the bar in Foley's. She seems to think about sex quite a lot, and is always on the lookout for a man.


  • She likes to shout a lot, even if it is a religious occasion, like the nativity in the 2012 Christmas special
  • In Series 3, she is sometimes seen working in Foley's Pub
  • Sharon speaks four languages, according to her mother Winnie.
  • She was born at 5 lbs.
  • Her mother, Winnie keeps complaining about the fact her daughter is a Virgin, even though Mrs Brown has hinted many times that Sharon has had sex many times.