Rory James




26th January 1966






Dino Doyle


Agnes Brown (Mammy)
Redser Brown (Daddy)


Mark Brown

Cathy Brown

Dermot Brown

Simon Brown

Trevor Brown

Other Family

Harold Brown


Maria Brown


Betty Brown


Bono Brown


John Brown


George Brown


Ringo Brown


Danny Doyle

(Adopted Son)

First Appearance

Mammy's Secret

Final Appearance

Mammy Sutra

Portrayed By

Rory Cowan (1992-2017)
Damien McKiernan (2017-)

Rory Brown: Is the son of Agnes Brown and Redser Brown. He works as a hair stylist in Wash And Blow.


Agnes describes Rory as her "delicate" and "gentle" son. He was always a happy child, but she's concerned that he never has any luck with women. Rory Brown is Agnes Brown's second eldest son and the only one to be homosexual, a fact acknowledged by all of his family members except his mother, who seemed completely oblivious to the fact until she realises this with Cathy's intervention in "Mammy of the Groom". Rory is not married, up until the end of Season 3, when he gets married to Dino Doyle, in a private ceremony.

Rory is a hairdresser working at a salon called Wash And Blow along with his boyfriend ( later husband ) Dino Doyle. He lives in Finglas, Dublin with his mother Agnes, siblings Dermot and Cathy, his Granddad and his sister-in-law, Maria, who is married to his brother Dermot.


Rory is Agnes' only child that is a homosexual as he is in a relationship with his work colleague Dino Doyle.

His sexuality is hinted in "Mammy's Secret" where Rory tries to tell Agnes in Foley's however he is unable to do so. It is also hinted later on in that episode when Agnes is having a discussion with Cathy and Cathy says "Rory knows what he wants to tell you. He's just afraid that he'll hurt you, thats all". This is also hinted even more when the family are discussing who is coming to Dermot and Maria's wedding, when Rory said that he won't be bringing a girl. Rory was also apparently caught wearing his sister Cathy's communion dress when he was about 10.

Agnes is the only character not to know about his homosexuality up until "Mammy of the Groom" where she describes it as an illness. Until then, she was completely unaware of this and even Agnes' best friend Winnie McGoogan knew that Rory was homosexual.


  • Rory is the only child that Agnes sometimes ignores or forgets about
  • Rory is one of three of Agnes' children to wear glasses. The others are Trevor and Simon (from the original series).