This is the soundtrack of Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie

Musicians Edit

Seamus Egan Reel - Flute

Scott Povey - Clarinet

Anthony Lawton - Saxophone

Johnny Carroll - Trumpet

Barry Daykin - Trombone

Seamus Kelleher - Guitar #1 - (Electric only)

Adrian Legg - Guitar #2 - (Acoustic, Electric, Banjo)

David Downes - Piano

Pete Cooper - Violin

Mat Elliot - Bass

Barry Brewer - Drum Kit

Ray Fean - Percussion

RTÈ Concert Orchestra - Orchestra

Chorus Edit

  • RTÈ Philharmonic Choir
  • RTÈ Cor na Nog

Sounding Edit

Vocals Edit

  • Robert Bathurst
  • Rory Cowan
  • Dermot Crowley
  • Sorcha Cusack
  • Martin Delany
  • Simon Delaney
  • Fiona Gibney
  • Jennifer Gibney
  • Gary Hollywood
  • Paddy Houilhan
  • Frank Kelly
  • Nick Nevern
  • Brendan O'Carroll
  • Danny O'Carroll
  • Eilish O'Carroll
  • Fiona O'Carroll
  • Dermot O'Neill
  • Pat Shields
  • Amanda Woods
  • Radoslaw Kaim*
  • Chris Patrick-Simpson*

(*) - This denotes speaking parts

Those also involved in the Soundtrack Edit

  • Andy O'Callaghan - Composer: All Original Music except "Hail, Rain or Sunshine"
  • The Script - Singer: "Hail, Rain or Sunshine"

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