Mick and Cathy

Mick And Cathy



Michael O'Leary ("Mick" for short)

Other names:

Mick the dick, Detective Mick





First appearance:

Mammy's Merchandise

Last appearance:

Who's a Pretty Mammy?

Portrayed by:

Keith Duffy (original series)

Martin Delany (live show, Good Mourning, Mrs. Brown)

Mark Dymond (TV series)

Michael "Mick" O'Leary is a former boyfriend of Cathy Brown

Mick is a police detective in his 30's who dated Cathy for a few weeks. He made his first appearance in Mammy's Merchandise. He appeared in the first two episodes of Series Two before Cathy broke off their relationship in Mammy's Coming after Maria revealed he's married.

Mick is not seen again until Series Three's Mammy? where he turns up at the Brown household and reveals to Cathy he was divorced from his wife while he was seeing Cathy but Cathy and Agnes never gave him the chance to explain. They then agree to give their relationship another go. Mick's parents appear in the season finale; he describes them as a bit odd and worries about how Mrs. Brown will react to meeting them, so he tries to prepare her by warning them that they are swingers. However, Mrs. Brown is still left reeling when she meets them: they act like they are mad, laughing hysterically for no apparent reason, and Mick's father claims he has a huge penis; then, she heads into the kitchen, only to return to her sitting room to find them completely naked. When Agnes faints at the sight of them.

But Mick and Cathy's reunion didn't last as during the New Years episode, Cathy learned he was seeing another woman, and at the airport, both were taken away for an internal body search; according to Cathy, somebody must have told Custom's that they were drug smugglers, probably hinting that Cathy herself tipped them off as a way of getting back at Mick for his betrayal.


In the television series, Mick is portrayed by Mark Dymond. In the original series, he was played by Boyzone star Keith Duffy and by Martin Delany in the live show, Good Mourning, Mrs. Brown.

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