Mammy's Break is the third episode of the third series of Mrs Brown's Boys.


It is the anniversary of Redser's funeral, and Agnes decides to treat herself to a week in Galway, but first she must get someone to look after Grandad for the week. She begins with asking Grandad some questions and giving him false answers (such as "who invented the moonwalk" and answering "Neil Armstrong"). Rory tells Agnes that Dino needs a place to stay until they get their apartment, so Agnes agrees to let Dino move in temporarily.

Later, Rory gets a psychic in to help Agnes communicate with Redser, but Redser apparently tells Agnes that he will be "reunited with his loved one" at eleven o'clock the next evening. Agnes goes down to Foley's the next evening with Winnie, and discovers the reason Dino's bed looks like it hasn't been slept in is because it hasn't; he sleeps in Rory's bed - with Rory! As the clock begins to strike, Agnes prays to the Lord, only for a woman to collapse, followed by a second, then a third, and finally a man. The next day, it is revealed the four people who collapsed had come down with food poisoning, and Agnes reveals to the audience that the psychic was a fraud. Grandad is then has his test, but Winnie turns up and begins providing Grandad with incorrect answers in front of the doctor who decides to test her and ends up sending Winnie to a home instead whilst Agnes goes on her trip with Grandad.


  • Dermot is absent for most of this episode. He only appears during the scene in Foley's where he is dressed as a crab and is shouting "Free crabs, get your free crabs!"


Agnes: (praying) Please don't take me yet, Lord. I know this is the time when Redser is to be reunited with his loved one.
A woman screams and collapses.
Agnes: His loved one? The bastard!
A second woman collapses.
Agnes: The double bastard!
Followed by a third.
Agnes: The triple bastard!
A man collapses.
Agnes: Well that explains Rory!