Harold Brown

Other names:

Granpappy (once)
Harold (professionally)

Basic info:

Gender: Male
Age: 98/99
Occupation: Unknown

(likely Retired)

Spouse: Unknown


Redser Brown



Mark Brown,

Dermot Brown,

Rory Brown,

Cathy Brown,

Trevor Brown,

Simon Brown.

Other Family:

Agnes Brown

(Daughter in-law)

Bono Brown

(Great Grandson)

George Brown

(Great Grandson)

John Brown

(Great Grandson)

Ringo Brown

(Great Grandson)

First appearance:

The Mammy

Portrayed by:

Dermot O'Neill


Redser Brown, Terry Brown(possibly), Mary (possibly) Gonso (possibly)


The Man that God forgot

Granddad is Agnes' father-in-law. When "Redser" Brown died, he left her with little more than this wrinkled old man. He eats, sleeps and moans.

Harold Brown: Grandad is and funny charecter and a but of a pest towards Mrs browns but agnes always torments him and uses him


Granddad Brown is an old, death obsessed man who has a strong dislike for his daughter-in-law Agnes Brown. Grandad is aged around 97 as Agnes says in "The Mammy", and Granddad is fairly fit for his age as he is able to stand and walk perfectly well without a walking stick and he was even seen nearly running in "Mammy Rides Again". However in the new tour How now Mrs Brown Cow Granddad is seen with a walking stick, but this could actually be needed as Agnes did mention about his hip. Granddad is often seen down Foley's Bar, but usually as a background character. Granddad is usually seen in the living room on his chair but he can also be heard from upstairs when shouting down to Agnes.

Relationship with Agnes BrownEdit

Granddad gets on with most members of the Brown family, however with Agnes, this is a completely different matter. Agnes Brown in general hates Granddad as when Redser Brown died she says that she was left with this gobshite.

But she thinks the world of him. When Redser was out of work for nine years, he was the only one bringing money in and Agnes never forgot that.

To show how much Agnes hates Granddad, she is often quite mean to him and does some rather nasty things to him. Examples of this are:

  • In "Mammy's Ass", Agnes put a crash helmet on him and banged his head with a tray to make him sing (rather terribly, in fact) to an old western song.
  • In "The Mammy" Agnes had the doctor stick a thermometer up Granddad's bottom. Cathy assumed Granddad did it himself and sat him down. Granddad was writhing in pain, but calmed down eventually.
  • In "Mammy Rides Again" Agnes got a downstairs toilet. Granddad tested the toilet while Hillary (Hitlery as Mrs. Brown calls her) Nicholson was over for dinner. Mrs. Brown and Hillary argued, ending with "Listen here, ya 50 pence pole dancer. I'll have you know we are the most respectable family on this street." Immediately, the toilet exploded and Granddad was launched all the way up to the second storey. Mrs. Brown mocked it, calling it a "small little headache" and said that Granddad "Shit a nuclear bomb".
  • In "Mammy's Merchandise" Agnes is using Granddad as an ironing board at the beginning of the episode. After Agnes leaves to go to the hospital with Winnie McGoogan, Granddad is then seen with the scorching iron down on his back whilst shouting for help.
  • In Series 2, Agnes dresses Granddad in little girl's clothing and uses him as an old fashioned coffee table.

Granddad at times returns the favour. In the episode "The Virgin Mammy", Granddad shoots Mrs. Brown out of a baby cannon. 

In the episode 'Mammy's Break' Grandad hits Agnes on the head with a tray after numerous times of her hitting him with one.

And in Buckin' Mammy, when Agnes made her new remote-controlled Christmas tree bend down so she could sort out the Christmas tree lights, she made the mistake of leaving the remote control within Grandad's reach so he began playing with it, first making the tree buck like a rodeo bull and then rotating it round and round before setting it upright with Agnes still on it, leaving her stuck in the corner until Cathy gets her out in the morning.


In D'Movie, Grandad he gets the old unit together, they blow up the revenue office, then they barricade themselves in the house, prime the place with booby traps and take out the first tax man that comes near - they'll never take her alive.


  • Granddad is called Grandad by most characters, even non-family members. An example is when Father Quinn returns Grandad home in "Mammy's Miracle".
  • On Grandad's suit, he has various medals. Presumably from the armed forces. In D'movie, Granddad also suggested getting men from the "Old Unit" together and the English accents of these men suggest service in the British Armed Forces, most likely during World War 2.
  • Although Grandad's actual name Harold has been mentioned in the original series and the live show Good Mourning Mrs Brown, it has yet to be mentioned in the current series.
  • At the beginning of the series, Agnes mentions he's 92.


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Granddad after Agnes tries her new hair straighteners


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