Foley's Bar

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Agnes and Winnie in Foley's







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The Mammy

Foley's Bar is the bar featured in Mrs Brown's Boys.


Foley's Bar is the bar that Agnes Brown and Winne McGoogan drink at, sometimes accompanied with other women, usually Cathy Brown, Maria Brown or Betty Brown. It appears in every episode and most of the time it is very quiet. Usually, the ladies at the table always chat and laugh like in many other comedies and Foley's Bar is always where people hold parties.

Mrs Brown's Boy D'Movie Edit

After Agnes says, "Shit do something" in the bar, Winnie kick starts a song by doing a little dance step before the music comes on. The song played in the barroom is then performed by Agnes, Winnie and some of the other ladies. At some points of the song, the whole barroom breaks into it.


Images (6)

Agnes and Winnie in Foley's bar.

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