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Cathy Brown
Cathy Brown


12th May






Agnes Brown


Redser Brown (deceased)


Mark Brown

Rory Brown

Dermot Brown

Simon Brown

Trevor Brown

Other Family

Harold Brown


Maria Brown

(sister in law)

Betty Brown

(sister in law)

Dino Doyle


Bono Brown


John Brown


George Brown


Ringo Brown


Portrayed By

Jennifer Gibney

She's studying to be a psychologist at night school, and works as a waitress during the day.

Try as she might, Cathy just can't seem to meet the man of her dreams...b

Cathy Brown is the only daughter and third child of Agnes Brown, and according to Cathy her and Agnes are just like one another. Cathy is currently studying to be a psychologist at a night school, she also reads psychology magazines and performed a counseling session with her brother Dermot and Maria. Cathy is a kind, loving person who gets along with all of the Brown family and some people look up to her for advice.

Cathy has been in 3 relationships. Firstly, Teddy Branigon. Unseen as he and Cathy got divorced before the series started, Mick who is Cathy's first boyfriend on set and Prof. Thomas Clowne who was a little bit older than she was. She broke up with Mick after Maria revealed Mick was married. Afterwards, she took up with Prof. Clowne, but that relationship went sour after Clowne asked Cathy, who was expecting a marriage proposal, to look after his dog for a year while he went to America. After she dumped Clowne, she and Mick unexpectedly got back together after he explained that he was divorced. Cathy and Mick then began another relationship which lasted til New Years 2013 when it was revealed that he was seeing another woman. Cathy got revenge on her former boyfriend by tipping customs off that they were drug smugglers and watched them being taken away for a internal body search


  • Cathy is Agnes' only child that has been divorced
  • Cathy has had the most relationships with men with 3 (Teddy Branigon, Mick and Prof. Thomas Clowne)

Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie Edit

In the movie, Cathy refuses to take over running her mothers market stall which has been passed down to the eldest girl from generation to generation, and since Cathy is her only daughter, Agnes is desperate for her to carry on the tradition But during inside the Court the Judge was asked Agnes Brown which make Cathy got shocked that the Judge had told Agnes Brown to take the children in a play care after her descend father. That night Cathy found her mother on the bridge they had a tearful moment as she embraces her and take her home.Buster Brady leads the Blind Ninjas led by Mr Wang also play Brendan o Carroll. They sneak inside the warehouse working factory to find receipted. Inside the house Agnes and her family are waiting for any news and they got it and Agnes was happy. In the next morning Cathy asked her if she would take her to the church. But Agnes refused her and walk alone and she realised that her dreams were come true the Market Place was gone. Because she was supposed to fight them back but she cannot. She enter the court where some lot of people waiting. Then

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