Bono Brown
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Age: 13

Born: 11th April 2005


Mark Brown


Betty Brown


Rory Brown,

Dermot Brown,

Trevor Brown.


Cathy Brown,

Maria Brown


Agnes Brown


Redser Brown

Great grandfather


Played By

Jamie O'Carroll


John Brown, George Brown, Ringo Brown

Bono Brown is the only son of Mark Brown and his wife, Betty. His Birthday is on the 11th of April, He is around 7 years of age and is Agnes's first grandchild. He is mentioned regularly by the Browns but isn't seen until the final episode of the second series, "New Mammy" . He is voiced by Hynden Walch.


Early life Edit

Bono was born and raised in Dublin.

Mrs Brown's Boy's Original Series Edit

In the original series, Bono is played by Eric O'Carroll (youngest son of Brendan O'Carroll). He is depicted as being roughly ten, eleven or twelve years old (or possibly older). Later on in the series, he is a teenager

Mrs Brown's Boys Part 1Edit

Mrs Brown's Boys Part 2Edit

Mrs Brown's Boys Part 3Edit

Mrs Brown's Boys Part 4Edit

5. Triple TroubleEdit

Bono is first seen at the christening of Dermot & Maria's triplets. He is standing beside Agnes and is seen at the christening party.

Mrs Brown's Boys Part 6Edit

Mrs Brown's Boys Part 7Edit

Bono is off with Mark before school and Betty tells Mark that Bono is doing sex education in school and that it is about time he had a fatherly chat with him.

At Sharon's wedding reception, Mark tries to talk to Bono, Bono asks him what does he want to know and Mark only tells him to enjoy the rest of the party.

He is later seen in Foley's with the rest of his family.

Mrs Brown's Boys Sitcom Edit

Bono has more of a part in season 3.

New MammyEdit

Bono is first seen being dropped off by Betty as she goes to the dentist, decked out in Red Indian face paint and feathers, and goes to play with Granddad, firing his plastic arrows at him. He asks Agnes if that's her granddad, but Agnes tells him that's her husband's daddy, but she calls him granddad - among other things.

Agnes says she is his daddy's mammy, so he calls her granny & her daddy calls her mammy & his mammy calls her " an old cow.", which piques Agnes' interest.

Mammy ChristmasEdit

Bono is staying over at Agnes's house while Mark and Betty are going out. Bono was upstairs in bed too excited about Christmas to go to sleep and is playing with Agnes's music box. Agnes tells him a rhyme that gets him off to sleep.

The Virgin MammyEdit

He is seen as an angel (albeit a pretty sullen one) in the nativity that Cathy and Maria has planned.

Mammy's SpellEdit

Bono is not seen until the last 10 minutes of the episode. But he is mentioned at the start by Winnie and Agnes, talking about him being jealous of John, George and Ringo and having to share his Gran. He is upset about wanting to move to Australia and while Marks is looking for his baptism certificate, his Aunt Cathy cheers him up by using a hypnotized Agnes to make him laugh. He says he doesn't want to go to Australia as he won't see his gran and she tells him she can visit and he begs her to let him live with her. She tells him no and he storms off in a huff.


Mark, Betty, and Bono all receive their visas for Australia, but Betty gets Cathy to print some flyers for Mark's business, and the work offers come pouring in, so they can afford to stay.

Bucking MammyEdit

Bono written his Christmas letter to Santa Claus and posted off to him, but he won't tell his parents what is in it, so Agnes enlists the aid of Buster Brady to try and find out Bono wants for Christmas. Buster plans use a homeless man disguised as Santa Claus to find out what Bono wrote in his letter, but the real Santa Claus turns up to talk to Bono.


Physical appearanceEdit

Bono has dark blonde hair and blue eyes. He is also very small, although not shown, has a skinny stomach, and he wears glasses after his first appearance.

Personality and traitsEdit

Bono has a very cheery personality, but he appears to be a tad naughty like his granny, judging from the cheeky grin on his face after he tells Agnes that his mother calls her "an old cow". He enjoys tormenting Granddad or observing his many defects, such as firing arrows at him (though Agnes tells him to remove the rubber tips on the arrows), playing with his false teeth and watching him fart while asleep. According to Agnes, he is very sweet, kind and gentle, but a bit naïve and easily led. This is one of the main reasons why Agnes doesn't want him sent to her old school as it is an utter hellhole (and similar to Alcatraz).


Agnes BrownEdit

"I have a great idea ; Mammy and Daddy can go to Australia and I'll stay here with you"
― Bono begs his gran to let him stay with her
Main article: Agnes and Bono

Bono is the only grandchild, but when John, George and Ringo are born. His nose is out of joint as he doesn't like having to share his gran. But Agnes assures him and tells him that they love him so much, they got him three new cousins. She is very kind to him and is fiercely protective of him, such as when she tried to convince his parents not to send him to her old and extremely rough school.

Granddad Edit

Main article: Granddad Brown and Bono

When Bono is at Mrs. Browns house, he lets Bono throw his Indian bow and arrows at his head and in he also lets Bono color him in with his pens. Bono also likes playing with his false teeth.

Mark BrownEdit

"But Bono, we wanted to get you a present"
― Mark talks to Bono about Christmas
Main article: Mark Brown and Bono

Mark is Bono's father. He loves his son and is often nervous since he is his only child and he lost his father young. He doesn't have to be that strict with Bono since he listens to him and his mother.

Betty BrownEdit

"Bono, go and wait in the car"
― Betty tells Bono to go and wait in the car
Main article: Betty Brown and Bono

As Bono's mother, Betty is naturally kind and caring towards him, but she knows when to put her foot down but doesn't have to do it often since Bono is well behaved, except with grand dad. She was determined to send him to Agnes' old school, St. Stephens, regardless of Agnes telling her what a nightmare it was, but quickly relented when Buster Brady said it was his old school as well.


Thus far, Bono has appeared in seven episodes in total as well as the movie.

Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie Edit

Bono only appears Briefly in the movie when he informs Mark and Betty that Agnes is on the news. The movie also states that Bono is only six years old.


  • Thanks to Jaimie O'Carroll's grandfather, Bono was his acting debut at the age of 5, in the D'Movie, Jaimie portrays a six year old Bono, however he himself is 9 years old.
  • Brendan O'Carroll has fit both Jaimie and his younger brother Blake into "Mrs.Brown's Boys", in which both of whom made their acting debut before the age of 10.
  • While touring with his family, Jaimie is tutored to keep up his education while keeping up his acting career as a child actor.
  • Bono is a fan of the Harry Potter series as in The Last Wedding, he is shown to have Harry Potter bedcovers.