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Agnes 'Mammy' Brown
Mrs brown
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 75
Birthday: 15th September
Height: Approx 5"3
Weight: Approx 175 Pounds
Address: 92 James Larkin Court


Aliases: Mammy
The Witch
Family & Friends
Family: Redser Brown


Mark Brown


Frankie Brown


Dermot Brown


Simon Brown


Rory Brown


Cathy Brown


Trevor Brown


Bono Brown


John Brown


George Brown


Ringo Brown




Harold Brown

(father in law)

Maria Brown


Betty Brown

(daughter in law)

Friends: Winnie McGoogan
Pet(s): Spartacus

(dog, deceased)

Zip (turtle, deceased)

Enemies: Buster Brady

(friend and enemy)

Hilary Nicholson


Series Information
First appearance: The Mammy
Last appearance: Mammy Swings
Portrayer: Brendan O' Carroll
Agnes Brown is the undisputed head of the family following the death of her husband some years ago. She loves the clan very dearly, and always does what she feels is best for them, but often manages to put her foot in it. She swears too much and winds up her children, particularly her only daughter Cathy. She involves herself in their business, such as Cathy's love life with the likes of Teddy Brannigan (her first husband) or Mick the Dick. She spars at first with Mark's wife, Betty, but she grows close. She only ever wants what is best for her children, and supports them through everything, even when Rory comes out and she struggles to deal with it until Cathy educates her with modern times a little. She would do anything for any child and she cares for them all equally, and has a hilarious and hateful yet slightly caring relationship with her useless father-in-law Grandad.


Agnes loves all her children and grandchilden, but sometimes has problems with her Daughter, Cathy, Most likely due to the fact that she is rapidly approching middle-age and still hasn't found the right man, and dates men that Agnes doesn't approve of, such as Prof. Thomas Clowne.

She is frenemies with her daughter-in-law, Betty, the wife of her son, Mark.

She hates her distant reliative, Hillary Nicholson, the mother of her daughter-in-law, Maria.

She is Best Friends with her next-door neighbour, Winifred " Winnie " McGoogan, this relationship started at an unknown time.

She dislikes her Father-in-Law, Harold Brown, giving him the nickname " The Man that God forgot ", but is known simply as Grandad. Agnes's skits with Grandad are often hilarious. She is his full-time carer. She is not cruel, but can't wait until he passes away.

Trivia Edit

Brendan O'Carroll based the character on his own mother, Maureen.

She And Cathy are the only characters to appear in every episode; Dermot just made a cameo in Mammy's Break.

Agnes owns a market stall in Moore Street, Dublin and her family have owned the stall since 1802.

In Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie, Agnes explains to her children and friends in court that when her children were babies, she put them into care as Redser had died. She couldn't cope feeding 6 children on her own.


Mrs Brown is a well loved person who enjoys meddling in other peoples lives, epescially love life despite having none of her own. Her children love her, however she sometimes gets on their nerves by not understanding things properly. She is very rude at times but will do anything to help her family and friends.

Mrs Brown has a habit of mispronouncing words which Cathy will correct for her. Here are some examples:

"I got on your top-top-tap-top" (Laptop)

"I'll have the Pageone."

Cathy - "And a Lasagne please."

"Excuse me. I said the Pageone."

Cathy - "That's Page - one"

"Oh, now, wouldn't like to be her."

Cathy - "Who?"


Cathy - "Who?"

"Saharapipeline. She was laid by 3000 men!"

Cathy - "Let me see that. Mammy... that's Sahara Pipeline!"


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Agnes and Winnie in Foley's bar.


Agnes sponge bathing Granddad

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Agnes talking to Dermot

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